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Internet Time Group

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SummaryUnbooksBeta is beautifulCorporate SurvivalLearnscape PatternsA sample patternInternet cultureTerminologyNatural learning, networks, management innovation, ROI (video)

    You can never do just one thing because everything is connected to everything else.

Learnscapes: platforms in lieu of programs, networks and internet culture, learning ecologies, transparency, trust, value-driven and do-it-yourself.

Overview: LearnscapesPrototype!Digital EthnographyWhat’s wrong with this picture?Organizational Learning StrategyHow do you motivate people?School’s outWho invented learningscapes?Sources of internet cultureInexpensive, self-managed knowledge management that worksBenchmarking your learning cultureClassrooms in the Wild

Organizations: getting things done in groups, phases of implementation, internal marketing, change process, core vs context, each one/teach one

Overview: OrganizationsAre you ready?What’s in it for you?How to implement a major initiativeThe major obstaclesTalentIt’s not about the technologyUnwarranted controlSetting up communities of practiceInstitutions vs CollaborationHarnessing Collective IntelligenceBoth Sides NowUnmeetingsImplementation 2.0

Business: enterprise 2.0, let it be, loose coupling, community, distributed intelligence, talent, cut slack, KM, scope, group performance support.

Overview: BusinessCollaborate or diePush and PullHow to cost-justify enterprise and informal learningWhat’s the ROI of enterprise 2.0 learning?Focus on coreNew Roles for ManagersNew Rules in businessWork and web are convergingIlluminating the Blind Spot of LeadershipThe Mythical Man-MonthThe future of managementThe Income Statement Isn’tHow businesses are using Web 2.0: A McKinsey Global Survey

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Cognition: natural learning, learning life cycle, memory, group impact, identity, fulfillment, PKM, stories.

Overview: Cognition Steve McQueen on perceptionMeta-learning

      (learning about learning)

The Silent Spring of American EducationNatural Learning


VisualizationPersonal Knowledge ManagementPrinciples of Informal LearningLearning = making good connectionsLearned helplessnessMindfulnessNatural LearningHans Monderman, RIPConceptual Models Redux

Toolbox: web 2.0 suite, virtual life, mobile, games, search, LAMP, SLATES, video.

Overview: ToolboxPutting web 2.0 to work in your organizationWeb 2.0 ToolsWorksheet for Implementing eLearningWhatever Happened to Performance Support?Internet Inside at CGIBlogs are no longer just blogsWhatever happened to performance support?NetworksMobileSerious GamesLe CafeTouring the Jay Cross Ecosystem with TrailfireThe magic of mash-upsLive help helpsGoogle SearchCloud Computing

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