Web 2.0 Tools

Taking advantage of Web 2.0 to get things done requires at least a passing understanding the things listed here. Clicking the name in the left column will often take you to a three-minute Common Craft video explanation. That’s a starter, but to get a gut-feel for these tools, you must try them. Write a blog post. Watch a YouTube video. The URLs in the right column are a good place to start.

Warning: Don’t get overconfident. Just knowing the technology will assure your understanding of web 2.0 than studying quill pens will improve your appreciation of Shakespeare.

Tool Purpose Example More
Blog Personal web pages, easy to start and update. Entries are archives; often you can make comments on other’s blogs. WordPress More
Wikis Shared documents on the web. Great for coordination. pbWiki More
Instant messenger Check which pals are online. Chat with them, text or video, in real time. AIM
RSS Subscribe to new content. Pull in what you want. Learning blog cloud
Feed Reader The inbox for scanning and reading your blog subscriptions Google Reader More
Social Bookmarking Shared bookmarks. Tag a website; recall it later. See what other people are looking at. Del.icio.us
Social Networking Connect people online. Find your friends’ friends. Facebook, LinkedIn More
Twitter What my pals are doing right now. “Drinking skinny latte at Starbucks.” Twitter More
Podcasting Personal, on-demand recordings you can subscribe to. IT Conversations
Online Photo Sharing Put your photos online. Share them with others. Flickr More
On-Line Community People working together. Ning
Search Find needles in haystacks. Robot readers “crawl” the web, indexing sites by tags and popularity. Google
YouTube Short online videos. Two-way. YouTube
Virtual worlds Pilot your avatar thruogh a virtual, immersive world. Second Life
World Wide Web A collection of hyperlinked documents, images, video, and information
Video blogging

Jane Hart maintains a fantastic resource, The Top 100 Tools for Learning. Her Directory of Learning Tools classifies more than two thousand tools, 72% of them free.