What’s in it for you? What’s in it for THEM?

Let’s imagine you’re convinced that your organization needs to adopt an ecological, holistic approach to learning. How do you get skeptical management on board? How do you overcome the inertia of the day-to-day in order to lay the foundation for the future?

Begin by figuring out where you are. Are you just starting out or down the path a ways? Is management pushing for the change or resisting it or unaware? Is your organization’s use of web 2.0 in infancy, childhood, or maturity?

Select business drivers for change. Don’t try to solve all problems at once. One or two make for a good start:

  • Speed up the flow of information through the organization
  • Improve customer service
  • Streamline workflow and slash bureaucracy
  • Unleash the power of collective intelligence
  • Create a nerve center for corporate news and market intelligence
  • Make all corporate know-how accessible 24/7
  • Recruit best candidates for new positions and make them productive quickly
  • Replace training classes with informal, hands-on learning
  • Open the process of innovation to all employees
  • Help workers build strong, supportive relationships
  • Enable managers to assess the status and direction of projects
  • Empower all employees to contribute ideas and feel part of the team
  • Better relationships with customers, prospects, recruits, partners, suppliers

Are you trying to save time, increase revenue, cut costs, or improve efficiency?

For a more extensive list, check out What do you want to improve?

Consider your options
You might pick one of the learnscape patterns here or in the printed material: professional subscriptions, central information sharing, voluntary social networks, and so on. Perhaps something on this list will lead you to an ah-ha moment.